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Our Menu

Every great meal has to start somewhere.  Here are our starters, salads and soups.


Octo-Wasabi (Tako Wasabi)
$ 4.5

Pickled Octopus with chopped wasabi stem and roasted seaweed.

Black Sesame Edamame
$ 5.50

Steamed edamame mixed with black sesame sauce.

Rainbow Natto
$ 9.50

Japanese sticky beans with diced salmon sashimi, 2 kinds of Japanese pickles, wonton skins, green onions & fresh egg yolk.

Spicy Sashimi Tortilla Bites
$ 9.80

Fresh tuna sashimi mixed with mayo and topped with spicy jalapeno salsa.

Honey Butter Potato
$ 5.80

Home-made Potato chips with a honey butter sauce

Mentai Potato
$ 6.80

Home-made Potato chips with a creamy Mentai sauce

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
$ 14.80

Juicy jumbo Shrimp served with a spicy dill cocktail sauce

Salads & Soups

Sumarai Crunch
$ 6.80

Fresh vegetables with crunchy potato chips infused with a garlic mayo dressing.

Shrimp Udon Salad
$ 8.80

Fresh vegetables with an assortment of seafood on a bed of Udon noodles topped with a wasabi vinaigrette dressing.

Sashimi Salad
$ 9.80

Fresh vegetables and assorted sashimi with a house sesame dressing.

Soup: Oden
$ 9.50

Our hot soup stew in a light soy-flavoured dashi broth with various fish cakes.

Soup: Nagasaki Champon
$ 18.50

Nagasaki style pork broth soup with assorted seafood and sautéed vegetables, regular or spicy. Add Udon noodles for $1.50


Sashimi & Nome Specialty Rolls

Specialty Rolls (8 pcs)

Ginger Salmon
$ 10.00

Salmon sashimi, pickled ginger, wasabi.

Double Salmon
$ 14.00

Marinated grilled salmon, cucumber, lemon steamed asparagus, avocado. Topped with smoked salmon and served with a horse radish mayo.

Lobster Fantasy
$ 18.00

Deep fried lobster tail, cucumber, avocado topped with lobster salad. Served with grilled red pepper sauce.

Tuna Coin
$ 16.00

Deep fried rice coin topped with spicy tuna, cherry tomato, green onion.

Apple Salmon
$ 15.00

Crab meat salad, asparagus, avacado and geen onion topped with fresh Salmon, sliced white onions, julienne apple, ponzu jelly and served with apple mayo.

BBQ Duck
$ 18.00

Sauteed Bok Choy, cucumber, avocado, Chinese style BBQ duck, kohlrabi julienne, ginger green onion sauce and hoisin mayo with blueberry sauce

$ 10.00

Avacado, cucumber and asparagus awesomeness.

Russian Roulette Roll
$ 6.50

Sweet soy sauce with braised fish cakes and pickled Japanese radish. ** One roll will be super spicy **


Assorted Sashimi

30pcs - $49 | 21pcs - $35 | 15pcs - $25 | 9 pcs - $15

The Mack Attack (Aburi Shime Saba)
$ 9.80

Lightly seared mackerel with ground ginger, green onions and soy sauce.

The Slammin' Salmon
$ 7.50

Lightly seared salmon with ground daikon, green onions and Nomé’s original ponzu sauce.

Tuna Tango (Maguro Tataki)
$ 9.80

Lightly seared tuna with ground daikon, shallot chips and Nomé’s original ponzu sauce.

Korean Style Beef Sashimi
$ 9.80

Thinly sliced beef sashimi and fresh egg yolk with a Korean style soy sauce dressing.

Sesame Salmon (Salmon Goma Albura Ae)
$ 7.50

Diced salmon sashimi, thinly sliced garlic, chives with sea salt and sesame oil.


California Style Sashimi
$ 10.80

Sushi rice, fresh sashimi, cucumber, avocado, springs, beet, carrot, radish, red cabbage, black Tobiko and spicy mango salad

Aburi Salmon Donburi
$ 11.80

Sushi rice topped with seared Salmon, poached egg yolk, pickled ginger, chopped red onion, chopped green onion, fresh spring mix and Nome's original aburi sauce

Deep Fried Black Cod Donburi
$ 15.80

Sushi rice topped with deep fried black cod, cucumber, snow pea, cherry tomato, fresh pineapple, pickled onions, fresh spring mix and Nome's original pineapple sauce. Choice of regular or spicy.


Grilled & Fried


Yam Fries
$ 5.80

Deep fried sweet potato with a house dipping sauce.

Deep Fried Pork Belly
$ 7.50

Deep fried marinated pork belly with sea weed paste.

Japanese Chicken Poppers (Kara-age)
$ 7.50

Japanese style fried chicken with wasabi mayo.

Tiger Shrimp (Ebi-Mayo)
$ 10.80

Deep fried Shrimp tempura with sweet chili mayo

Calamari (Ika Fry)
$ 8.50

Deep fried calamari served with Japanese style tartar sauce.

$ 6.50

Deep fried octopus ball served with tonkatsu sauce, mayo.

Chicken Wings
$ 12.80 / lb.

Deep fried chicken wings served with Nomé’s original hot sauce or garlic teriyaki sauce or sweet chilli sauce.


Baked Oysters (Kakimayo)
$ 10.50

Oven baked oyster with spinach cream sauce. (4pcs)

Marinated Black Cod (Gindara No Yuan Yaki)
$ 10.80

Black Cod marinated with citrus soy sauce.

Grilled Beef Tongue
$ 9.50

Grilled beef tongue with green onion.

Marinated Short Rib
$ 10.50

Arguably Toronto’s BEST marinated beef short ribs immersed in our secret blend of spices.

Spicy Short Rib
$ 11.50

Nomé’s beef short ribs, marinated in our signature hot sauce.


Chef Suggestions

Unagi Risotto
$ 8.80

Creamy risotto, topped with bbq eel.

$ 10.80

Nomé’s original homemade sliders made with sliced rib eye meat and topped with tomato, spring mix, onion, smoky bbq sauce and garlic seasoning.

Wara Yaki
$ 9.50

Slightly seared salmon, smoked in house and served with sliced onion & sliced garlic.

The Balsamic Strip
$ 13.80

Aged and grilled to perfection strip loin (AAA) steak, served with a balsamic burdock sauce.

Buttered Scallop & Shrimp
$ 8.80

Baked scallop and shrimp, simmered in garlic butter.

Mac & Cheese
$ 10.80

Comfort food at its finest, with a blend of rich cheddar cheese, diced bacon, shrimp and scallops.

Spicy Mac & Cheese
$ 11.80

Comfort food at its finest, with a blend of rich cheddar cheese, diced bacon, shrimp and scallops.

Grilled Marinated Squid
$ 8.80

Immersed in our secret blend of spices, our squid is pan fried and grilled to perfection

Monkfish Tacos (3 pcs)
$ 12.80

Deep fried Monkfish with lettuce, cherry tomato, kiwi, edamame, yuzu zest and yuzu tartar.

Bulgogi Tacos (3pcs)
$ 10.80

Bulgogi with lettuce, sliced onion, fresh jalapeno, kimchi, Japanese beni shoga, garlic mayo and spicy salsa.


Oysters Menu

West Coast Oysters

Fanny Bay (Vancouver Island B.C.)

Sweet with an aftertaste similar to that of a cucumber. $2.20 each or $13 - 1/2 Doz. or $25 - Doz.

Kusshi Oysters (Vancouver Island B.C.)

In Japanese, the word kusshi means ``ultimate``. intensely sweet and rich finish. $2.80 each or $16 - 1/2 Doz. or $32 - Doz.

East Coast Oysters

Malpeque Oysters (P.E.I.)

$2 each or $12 - 1/2 Doz. or $22 - Doz. The perfect balance of sweetness, brine, and pickle-like liveliness. Great accompaniments to a pint of lager.

French Kiss Oysters (Neguac N.B.)

Clean flavoured oyster with a high meat yield and unique, delicate taste. $2.80 each or $16 - 1/2 Doz. or $32 - Doz.

Belon Oysters (France)

Harvested from all over France and finished in special walled ponds (``Claires``) in the brackish waters of the Belon River, a process called ``Affrinage.`` Flavour is powerful, they have a mild brininess, a potent coppery taste with a tannic accent and a crisp bite to the plump meats. $4 ea. | $28 for 1/2 Dozen | $56 for Dozen



Dessert Trio
$ 6.80

Chocolate covered banana served with crème brûlée and choice of vanilla, extreme mango, black sesame, green tea, or taro ice cream.

Baked Caramel Apple Pie
$ 5.80

Warm cinnamon apples drizzled in caramel, served with your choice of vanilla, extreme mango, black sesame, green tea, or taro ice cream.

Ultimate Velvet Cake Cheesecake
$ 7.80

Moist layers of red velvet cake and our original cheesecake covered with our special cheesecake factory cream cheese frosting.

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake
$ 7.80

Creamy cheesecake swirled with white chocolate and raspberry.

Double Godiva® Chocolate Cheesecake
$ 7.80

Layers of flourless godiva chocolate cake, godiva chocolate cheesecake and chocolate mousse.

Cheesecake Factory’s Original Fudge Cake
$ 7.80

Layers of rich chocolate cake and fudge frosting.

Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake
$ 6.80

The one that started it all! Famous creamy cheesecake with a graham cracker crust.

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